Lighthouse Dental Care

Lighthouse Dental Care
88 Ryders Lane
Stratford, CT 06614

About the staff:
The staff at Lighthouse Dental Care are dedicated to providing every patient with highest level of service and professionalism. Both the dentists and office team want you to get the most out of your treatments and will work hard to maximize your insurance coverage to any remaining balance more affordable.

Lighthouse Dental Care offers Consultations at a nominal fee.

At Your Consultation:
During your initial consultation — usually about a 30-minute appointment — you'll meet personally with one of the experienced doctors at Lighthouse Dental Care. Prepare to share your concerns about your teeth, and to find out which cosmetic dentistry treatments will best repair or improve your smile.

Patient Financing:
Lighthouse Dental Care offers financing through Care Credit.

Lighthouse Dental Care does accept insurance from most dental providers for approved treatments.

Computer Imaging:
Yes — Computer Imaging is available during certain consultations to help patients better visualize what might be possible through cosmetic dentistry.

Questions to Ask:

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