Ronald Rosenblatt, DDS - Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentistry

Ronald Rosenblatt, DDS - Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentistry
435 N. Bedford Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

"Today was only my first visit to Dr. Rosenblatt's office. Everyone in the office was extremely nice and made me feel very comfortable wtih my decision to go there!"
JAMIE.S. - Los Angeles, CA

"I really didn't have any expectations about this procedure. I had a little information on dental implants but not enough. The staff in this office were far friendlier than I would have ever expected and there was no pressure or manipulation to get me to do the procedure. I was given great advice and many options were presented. It is a bit pricy for me, but I am willing to spend the money when I have it. I would not trust any other Dr's office to do the procedure, even if it was cheaper. I feel that the staff genuinely cared about what was best for me and my smile!"
MICHELE.B. - Altadena, CA

"I was very happy when I left, just knowing that something could be done. The office staff was great. I drove quit a distance and would do it again. Dr.Rosenblatt was very thorough, very professional. Thank you"
LISA.Q. - Moreno Valley, CA

"great staff and great results. parking was a bit pricey, but i guess that is normal for beverly hills."
BRYAN.K. - Studio City, CA

"I already had the Brite Smile treatment and am very happy with the outcome. "
ALEX.M. - Rowland Heights, CA

"The office was great!!!. Very helpful, professional, kind staff. I am very happy I went there."
GISELA.G. - Glandelle, CA

"The doctor and staff didn't lecture me or ask personal embarrassing questions about why my teeth are so bad. They just offered a solution which is the professional way. I have seen several dentists and all have asked personal questions and/or lectured me in a condescending, patronizing way. I like dr. Rosenblatt very much and his staff is great too. I also have a definite idea of what procedures are to be done."
URSULA.A. - Marina Del Rey, CA

"The doctor did a great job, but what really convinced us to go ahead with the treatment was the front desk staff. Their caring and honest concern for the client was really impressive."
DAISY.F. - Fort Irwin, CA

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